Friday, September 3, 2010

August Pieces

After the the Patron's mention last month, I couldn't help trying to come up with something interesting and exciting for the two shows I felt drawn to in August. The first, Still Life with Lemon, is a very different theme than I'd ever tried before, while the Pet Portrait Swap was something I did (and loved) last year.

For the lemon show, I posed a photo of a martini glass, fresh blueberries, a sliced, fresh, lemon and a fantastic pair of shoes, took a photograph and then edited it digitally. Then, I entered Shoeberries:

Detail images:

Shoeberries won a Patron's Mention award, for which I am truly grateful.

For the swap, I paired up with Eva Bagg, a wonderful watercolour artist in Canada. For my piece, I took this photo of Joey (Eva's mom's dog who recently passed)

Then, I created this portrait of him (out of feathers and a rose petal):


For her part, Eva took a photo of my daughter's godmother's dog, Rudy (seen here with his best friend Lucy):

She painted this:

I'm astonished, really, and I know Annie, Rudy's mother, will love it. I just hope Eva's mom likes hers half as much!

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