Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Art going out!

Last week, I ordered some really nice pieces from Giclee Print Net, and while I have a hard time with their layout process (really hard to come up with specific sizes...I guess next time I'll send a CD and instructions), I did get the layout set up and pieces ordered.

They came yesterday, are GORGEOUS, mounted on 3/16 inch gatorfoam, and make the work look marvelous! And, after signing and sealing them, I wanted to share them with you.

Couch Cats and Heron Moon are for my Ripped Off partners. I'll be mailing the cats off today, and the birds whenever I get confirmation from that artist. I still have a shirt for my 3rd partner.

Cherry Bee 1 and Cherry Bee 3 are the 17th birthday presents (along with a really fun novel) for Pablo's cousin Melissa.

Sugar Skull With Roses will be dragged to So Cal for my Godmother. :)

Also, I've entered pieces in three shows this month, Ripped Off (four pieces), Parades (3 pieces) and Liberty (2 pieces).

Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Carissa Martos, Award Winning Artist

Kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

I entered a few pieces in the June EBSQ art shows, in the Macro Bug Photography and Flower of The Month categories.

The Macro bug pieces were good, I thought:

They weren't up to the beauty and detail of the winning pieces, however, and I was just glad that they got judged and seen.

The Flower of the Month chooses different flowers or plants for each month as their theme. For June it was Foxgloves, big pink bell-shaped flowers from the digitalis family. Gorgeous, but poisonous. Here was my entry:

And look here! A patron's choice award! According to the FAQs, "Patron's choice winners are based on the net number of votes from non-artist registered users for an individual work of art, and is validated by the piece being within the top 10% of the peer voted selection."

I'm honored, let me tell you! I've never before won an award, especially for my art, and I'm pleased as I can be! I've entered a few pieces in July's shows as well, so come back and visit to here how those go.

Also, I'll be mailing out my first Giclee prints later this month, so you know I'll have photos of the signing of those.