Monday, June 8, 2009

First judged pieces!

I've been creating for nearly a decade, and hosting it at EBSQ for five years. I've sold a few pieces on my own during that time as well, but (other than an event in high school) I'd never entered pieces into a show to be judged.
This month, however, I entered two EBSQ shows, and judging ended for them last night.

For the Bridges show, I entered two photographs:


and for the Scintillating show I entered a digital collage:

I didn't win any awards, and, especially in the Scintillating show, I'm glad, as I'd have felt it wasn't earned. It did however prompt me to enter three shows for June, Macro-Bug Photography, Tatoos and Foxglove. I'll let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have done a few commissioned pieces.

My media are usually mixed media/collage or digital art/photography, dealing mostly with fantasy or religious themes, though I have dabbled in some Japanese style still life and landscape, thanks to a foreign exchange student's influence, as well as photo retouching and restoration. I also do wedding/romance themed works, and my WEDDING RINGS work was just used for wedding invitations for a client. I will gladly discuss any subject matter, however.

For specific pieces, I give estimates about time of completion and cost, and ask for 10% of that fee upfront, mainly for materials. This is not refundable. When the work is completed, I will mail a proof, electronically or through USPS. If the work is adequate to the patron's standards, the rest of the funds may be sent through paypal or money order, and the piece will be mailed. If the patron does not want the piece, no hard feelings, and I will list it elsewhere. Prices differ for collage and digital art, and depending on whether the patron wants the only printing, or whether I am free to do a limited edition series.

I am also willing to discuss notecards and other items with my images on them. Please email me or visit my cafepress store to see the kind of items I have available. Names or phrases can be added to most items.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm Carissa Martos, a wife/mother/student/caretaker/artist/blogger in the SF Bay. I started doing collages when I was a high school senior as a way to deal with some frustrating and traumatic emotional issues, and my teacher liked my work. I continued with mixed media assemblages until 2003, when access to a computer allowed me to create digital collages, retouch some old photographs and move to a media more conducive to being easily packed up and put away.

I have a long-held EBSQ account where I can showcase my pieces, get some inspiration (wouldn't normally choose "foxgloves" as a theme for a piece) and forge relationships with other artists. It is truly a wonderful community.

So, head on over to My Portfolio and take a look at the pieces I've got up, and then over to the Cafepress store and see what items all the art are available on.