Saturday, February 23, 2013


This is my first piece of art that incorporates the language I use on a daily basis, and the fun thing about American Sign Language is how one handshape, and even one movement can mean so many things in different contexts.

This involves the handshapes X and C, done on both hands.  It can be read as FRIEND, HEARTBREAK, DISCONNECTED, CONFUSING, and/or COMPLICATED.  If it feels dark, good.  If it feels hopeful...well, there was some of that in the construction as well.

The hands are connected by soundwaves (manipulated to fit the picture)

Light and Dark Tailfeathers

These are two separate works, Cinnamon Sunrise and Indigo Evening.  Here, they are shown as facing panels.

Cinnamon Sunrise happened first, and it has a much more inspirational and uplifting feel to it, with a sense of impending dawn.  Here is is alone.

About a week after completing the first one, life darkened considerably, so I felt the need to create a mirrored and less bright counterpart, so Indigo Evening came into being.