Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Art going out!

Last week, I ordered some really nice pieces from Giclee Print Net, and while I have a hard time with their layout process (really hard to come up with specific sizes...I guess next time I'll send a CD and instructions), I did get the layout set up and pieces ordered.

They came yesterday, are GORGEOUS, mounted on 3/16 inch gatorfoam, and make the work look marvelous! And, after signing and sealing them, I wanted to share them with you.

Couch Cats and Heron Moon are for my Ripped Off partners. I'll be mailing the cats off today, and the birds whenever I get confirmation from that artist. I still have a shirt for my 3rd partner.

Cherry Bee 1 and Cherry Bee 3 are the 17th birthday presents (along with a really fun novel) for Pablo's cousin Melissa.

Sugar Skull With Roses will be dragged to So Cal for my Godmother. :)

Also, I've entered pieces in three shows this month, Ripped Off (four pieces), Parades (3 pieces) and Liberty (2 pieces).

Thank you for stopping by!

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