Saturday, October 17, 2009

October (another award!)

I took a bunch of really fun fall photos, but only entered three pieces into the EBSQ October shows.

For the Zombie Chickens show, I entered this guy:

Detailed views give a good closeup:

This piece took home a Patron's Mention Award, which is phenomenal. I'm terribly amused that I apparently do very well in the "weird" shows. What does that say?

For the Squash and Gourd show:

And lastly, the Think Pink show that benefits the Susan G Komen Foundation:

Generally speaking, I think "Breast Cancer Month" is over-exposed, and that other caners lack recognition and funding because of SGK's branding of everything from toasters to trinkets, but the piece fit so well, I had to enter it.

I've learned to only enter one piece a show, if at all possible, and I'm already working on a portrait for next month's show. :)

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