Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm Carissa Martos, a wife/mother/student/caretaker/artist/blogger in the SF Bay. I started doing collages when I was a high school senior as a way to deal with some frustrating and traumatic emotional issues, and my teacher liked my work. I continued with mixed media assemblages until 2003, when access to a computer allowed me to create digital collages, retouch some old photographs and move to a media more conducive to being easily packed up and put away.

I have a long-held EBSQ account where I can showcase my pieces, get some inspiration (wouldn't normally choose "foxgloves" as a theme for a piece) and forge relationships with other artists. It is truly a wonderful community.

So, head on over to My Portfolio and take a look at the pieces I've got up, and then over to the Cafepress store and see what items all the art are available on.

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